Shareholders Information


Become a Shareholder

To become a shareholder of any of Lafarge Nigeria quoted companies (e.g. Lafarge Cement WAPCO Nigeria Plc or AshakaCem Plc), an intending investor must open a stock broking account - the broker then buys on behalf of the client from the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange(NSE).

Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting holds every year. The purpose of the Annual General meeting is to lay before the Shareholders the audited annual report and accounts, in the previous year and overall performance of the Company.
In accordance with the Companies and Allied Matters Act, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria LFN 2004, the Company Secretary sends out notice of the Annual General Meeting at least 21 days before the date of the meeting or 28 days if a special resolution is to be passed at the meeting.
The Notice of Meeting is also published in at least 2 national dailies. Prior to the Annual General meeting, a copy of the Annual report and Accounts of the Company are circulated for review by the shareholders.
A shareholder can appoint a proxy to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting on his behalf.


Shareholder's Notification

  • lafarge africa plc unclaimed dividend list 2020 (pdf, 2.56 MB)
  • lafarge 2020 annual report single (pdf, 3.42 MB)
  • notice of annual general meeting 1 (pdf, 127.69 KB)
  • lafarge 2021 agm proxy form (pdf, 59.78 KB)
  • lafarge africa plc lap fy 2020 press release (pdf, 644.09 KB)
  • lafarge africa plc nccg reporting for the period ended 31st dec 2020 (pdf, 462.99 KB)
  • Lafarge q3 2020 press release (pdf, 832.16 KB)
  • lafarge africa plc q2 2020 press release (pdf, 775.86 KB)
  • lafarge africa plc unclaimed dividend as at december 31 2019 finalxx (pdf, 13.69 MB)
  • lafarge africa plc Q1 2020 press release 15052020 vv (pdf, 256.99 KB)
  • notice of annual general meeting 10052020 (pdf, 619.67 KB)
  • FY 2019 press release (pdf, 791.68 KB)
  • Q3 9m 2019 analyst presentation 28 10 19 (pdf, 794.84 KB)
  • Q3 9m 2019 press release (pdf, 721.35 KB)
  • Q2 2019_18.07.19 Press Release (pdf, 171.29 KB)
  • 2018 Lafarge Unclaimed Dividend List (pdf, 4.71 MB)
  • 2018 Annual Report (pdf, 10.31 MB)
  • Notice of Annual General Meeting (pdf, 1.55 MB)
  • Lafarge Africa Plc Redeems N26.4 Billion 14.25%, 3 Year Fixed Rate Series 1 Bond (pdf, 35.5 KB)
  • lap q2 2020 analyst presentation (pdf, 6.14 MB)
  • Q1 2019 Press Release (pdf, 247.43 KB)
  • Late Filing Of Lafarge Africa PLC Audited Financial Statements For The Year Ended 31st December 2018 (pdf, 1.06 MB)
  • Late Filing of Lafarge Africa Plc Unaudited Financial Statement for the Quarter Ended 31st March 2019 (pdf, 112.49 KB)
  • Notice of Late Filing of 2018 Audited Accounts (pdf, 127.24 KB)
  • Complaints Management Policy Shareholders Policy (pdf, 67.9 KB)
  • Unaudited Quarter 3 & 9 Months 2018 Results - Analyst Presentation (pdf, 1.63 MB)
  • Explanatory note to shareholders of Lafarge Africa Plc on the proposed related party trasactions with Caricement B. V. and Holderfin B. V. pursuant to the Nigeria Stock Exchange Rules Governing Transactions with related parties or interested persons (pdf, 741.59 KB)
  • Notice of Extra Ordinary General Meeting (pdf, 294.05 KB)
  • 2018 Q2 Unaudited Financial Results Presentation (pdf, 4.11 MB)
  • 2017 Lafarge Unclaimed Dividend (pdf, 3.34 MB)
  • Lafarge Annual Report 2017 (pdf, 6.54 MB)
  • Scheme Document for LAP, Atlas and Unicem Merger (pdf, 1.15 MB)
  • Lafarge rights issue final (pdf, 863.28 KB)
  • Rights Issue Circular (pdf, 2.85 MB)
  • Scheme of Arrangement for Ashakacem (pdf, 1.03 MB)