Lafarge Africa Plc’s corporate governance organization comprises 5 committees, which support, assist and advise the company’s Board of Directors on 5 topics: “Finance and Strategic Planning Committee”, “Nomination and Remunerations Committee”,  " Risk Management & Ethics Committee", “Property Optimization Committee”, “Statutory Audit Committee”.


Committee practices and operation

  • Mode of Operation 
    The committees meet at least twice per year at the initiative of their committee chairmen or at the request of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the CEO. Half of the members must be present for meetings to take place. Each committee chairman sets the agenda for that committee’s meetings.
  • Practice and Consultations 
    The committees may find it necessary to consult with the Group's management team. They may also delegate their missions to experts. The committees report on their work to the Board of Directors by way of verbal statements, opinions, proposals, recommendations or written reports.
  • Director’s Compensation 
    The compensation of directors is proportional to their involvement in the different committees.