Supafix is a cementitious tile adhesive made of grey cement, calcareous aggregates, organic and inorganic additives.  Click to get Supafix


This product is used for placing ceramic tiles, for flooring applications and for indoor coating solutions. Use it with small and medium size pieces ranging from medium to high porosities.


  • Cement or mortar rendered structures.
  • Brickworks or ceramic blocks.
  • Hard natural stone.
  • Siliceous/calcareous bricks



  • Mix Supafix with approximately 4-4.5 litres of clean water per bag until achieving a creamy consistency.
  • Leave the mix for 2 minutes before use, in order to have a proper chemical reaction.
  • Apply over the substrate in small areas (2 m2 maximum) and brush with an 8 x 8 mm notched trowel in order to level the surface.
  • Press the tiles against the substrate until the marks left by the notched trowel disappear
  • Tap the tiles gently with a rubber hammer or mallet to ensure complete coverage and eliminate the void.


  • Supafix is produced under a strict quality control.
  • Lafarge Africa Plc. shall not assume responsibility for an inappropriate use of this product or for the consequences derived from a wrong preparation process.
  • For further information, please contact our Customer Service. 


  • Substrates must be resistant, clean and free from particles that impair adhesion.
  • Substrates must be flat. Do not apply over substrates with levelling deviations higher than 5 mm. For substrates with levelling deviations up to 5 mm, it’s possible to screed 5 mm to level the surface using the same material, at least, 1 day before the product application or use traditional dry mortars or levelling pastes.
  • When applied with hot weather, wind or over absorbent substrates, it is necessary to moisten the substrate and wait until the water film disappears.
  • Expansion joints must be respected. In the same way, please, leave, at least, 2 mm joints between tiles.
  • Do not use outdoors or over gypsum substrates.
  • Do not apply when temperature is above 30º.
  • Do not use for ceramic tiles with a low absorption capacity.