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Stop Surviving, Start Thriving: Lafarge Intern Jinadu Tells Nigerians

The thousands of people who were at The Platform 2018 event gave Abiodun Makoto Jinadu a standing ovation after he delivered his message to Nigeria.

The atmosphere was electric. It was like a big reunion for members of the Lagos State Bricklayers Association on Thursday, April 12, 2018 at the Vginis hall, Yaba Lagos where over 300 bricklayers had gathered for training.
Muiz Alabi is a 25-year-old bricklayer from Mainland Local Government Area in Lagos.
Hundreds of young Nigerians graduate from the universities and other tertiary institutions annually.
Do you know that about 15 persons die every day in Nigeria due to avoidable road accident?
Anthropologists have pointed to poor documentation as the reason several valuable aspects of cultures were lost.
A striking contrast between two landscapes welcomes you to the Maiganga Coal mines, Akko Local Government, Gombe State.
The sleepy village of Lakwalak felt like a ghost town. You know people live there but you hardly see any activity.
For about 25 years, going to school in Sangaru Primary School, Bajoga, Gombe State, means going to sit under tree shade.
A number of engineers move towards their control room. From a distance, it is hard to distinguish one from another as all are kitted in reflective overalls, hard hats, nose masks and boots. This makes


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