UniCem is one of the leading brands in the eastern region of Nigeria, with an installed capacity of 5 MMT. UniCem cement has track record of quality, consistency and exhibits excellent strength performance at all ages. It has superior workability and good early strength which makes it suitable for both general purpose and structural concrete application

UniCem Cement

UniCem cement is characterized by

  • Superior workability for easy to handle, productive concrete and mortar work
  • Strength that meets the needs of domestic and most contract site projects
  • Quality and reliability of renowned UniCem brand Enhanced durability
  • Availability
  • The 'Greenest' formulation in our unique environmentally friendly range of products.


UniCem cement is produced from our Mfamonsing plant by intergrinding Portland cement clinker with a controlled amount of limestone and gypsum. This cement conforms to the NIS 444- 1: 2003 & EN 197-1:2011 specifications.


UniCem cement is typically delivered in 50Kg bags for convenience and ease of handling. The versatile product offers a reliable quality, high performance solution to the requirements of a wide range of applications, namely:
Home concrete work such as foundation and garden paths

  • Medium strength concrete for drive ways, unreinforced light industrial floors and mass concrete
  • Canal precast element
  • Masonry work: mortar and plaster
  • Brick and block making
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Suspended slabs


  • Manufacturing excellence
  • Quality assurance
  • Unequaled International resources
  • Concern for people
  • Environmental Responsibility