Lafarge RoadCem is an additive to cement that makes it possible to use all natural materials available in-site for road engineering. It has been designed and developed with the intent to stabilize and improve physical and mechanical properties of soil in road construction works.



Lafarge RoadCem is produced by intergrinding Portland cement with a controlled amount of limestone, siliceous fly ash and Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag



  • It gives better volume stability by controlling swell and shrinkage
  • Better durability and long term strength of the road
  • Environmentally friendly (reduced carbon footprint)
  • Increase in the strength and bearing capacity of the roads
  • Reduction of the thickness of the pavement structure
  • Modifies the chemical and mineral structure of soil materials


Lafarge RoadCem is delivered in 50Kg bags for convenience and ease of handling. This innovative product offers a high-performance solution in the following applications


  • Stabilization of road base, sub-base and sub-grade materials
  • Soils with either low or moderate plasticity
  • In-situ soil stabilization
  • Selection of the most suitable cement type depending on the soil type can be validated at the Lafarge Road Soil Laboratory


  • Manufacturing excellence
  • Quality assurance
  • Unequaled International resources
  • Concern for people
  • Environmental Responsibility
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