Our Solutions and Products

  • Lafarge Africa Plc has a wide range of cement solutions designed to meet all building and construction needs from small projects like individual home buildings to major construction projects.

  • Lafarge Africa produces quality and innovative concrete and aggregates solutions for small and large projects.

  • Through the years we have consistently provided building and construction materials for landmark projects across the country.

  • The first of it's kind in the Nigerian Marget, Lafarge Afica's mortar solution, Supafix is designed for tiling and has proven to be efficient particularly for floor and wall applications.

Publications and Press Releases
  • 2020 lafarge sustainability report. (pdf, 7.13 MB)
  • lap q2 2021 financial statements (pdf, 504.4 KB)
  • lap q1 2021 financial statements 1 (pdf, 540.5 KB)
  • lafarge 2020 annual report single (pdf, 3.42 MB)
  • 2020 lafarge africa plc annual report accounts (pdf, 3.28 MB)
  • lafarge africa plc lap fy 2020 press release (pdf, 644.09 KB)
  • lafarge africa 2020 financial statements (pdf, 1.64 MB)