Code of Business Conduct




Our Code of Business Conduct which was adopted from the LafargeHolcim Group reinforces our desire to conduct business with integrity and respect for local laws. Our Code of Business Conduct expressly states our non-tolerance for violations of applicable laws and anti-corruption regulations, as well as the strict action against violators.


We also have an equally important Supplier Code of Conduct, which stipulates the values and principles which suppliers and other third party contractors are to act in accordance with, especially in the area of human rights, labour related issues, the environment and anti-bribery and corruption.



In line with our zero tolerance for bribery and corruption, the Board of Directors of Lafarge Africa Plc has adopted an Anti-Bribery and Corruption Statement – in addition to our Anti-Bribery and Corruption Directive which is widely communicated – as follows:


Lafarge Africa Plc (“the Company”) is committed to:

  • Conducting its business dealings and relationships in an ethical manner and with the highest level of integrity, in accordance with the Group's Anti-Bribery and Corruption policies included, for example, in the Lafarge Africa´s Code of Business Conduct as well as applicable laws;
  • Complying with relevant Anti-Bribery and Corruption laws such as Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Act of 2000 and the UK Bribery Act of 2010 regardless of the business environment we operate in.
  • Ensuring the implementation and enforcement of effective systems to counter the risks of bribery and corrupt practices in the form of gifts and entertainment, reciprocal agreements, favors, discounts, travel, education, donations and other forms of improper benefits for which the Company could be held liable;
  • Prohibiting the Company as well as third parties acting on its behalf from engaging in fraudulent acts, corrupt practices and all forms of bribery, gratification, attempting to obtain gratification, facilitation payments, and improper payments or benefits to public officials, their family members and other individuals.”


This statement strengthens our commitment to conducting all business in the most ethical manner and keeps us accountable for our actions and those of our representatives. We therefore ensure that this commitment is not only one well communicated to all stakeholders, but that it is imbibed as Lafarge Africa's culture.






If you have a question, or need to raise a concern regarding LafargeHolcim's business practices, please use the integrity line.

Phone Number: 07080601488

Global Identifier Code: 77084