Lafarge has put innovation at the core of its businesses for a long time. A key growth-driver for the Group, innovation now allows us to turn into a supplier of solutions, value-added products and services as well as building systems for the players from the construction industry. Therefore, we rely on a powerful central R&D structure and on development labs operating as close to the markets as possible

Lafarge Nigeria: Research and Innovation

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Lafarge in Nigeria is committed to generating value for its customers and responding to the needs of the markets in which it operates. Understanding our customers' needs and the way they use our products enables us to develop truly innovative products, systems, and solutions. 

As a leading producer of building materials, Lafarge in Nigeria is developing innovative products and new solutions for customers across the construction industry, including a new range of cements, high-strength concrete, and multipurpose drywall, bringing greater safety, comfort, and quality to everyday surroundings. 

Lafarge in Nigeria has continually strived to provide products that are innovative and offer high added value. We understand that customers have specific expectations of materials suppliers, so we are constantly striving for new architectural and structural solutions that can have a positive and sustainable impact on projects.    

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Find out about the innovative products offered by Lafarge, in all of its divisions - designed to meet the needs of all customers.

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