This section contains comprehensive information about the cement products made by Lafarge in Nigeria as well as a background on the company's operations and manufacturing processes.



Cement is a hydraulic binder, it is a finely ground mixture of materials which when mixed with water forms a paste that sets and hardens even under water. The major material used in cement manufacturing is Limestone which is mixed with other materials known as additives i.e pozolan, ash, blast furnace slag, limestone etc. These components are added at varying proportion to produce various types of cement. The Nigerian market is currently exposed to Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC).


Ordinary Portland Cement is an all-purpose cement (suitable for all construction activities i.e plastering, concrete casting, screeding, rendering, grouting etc). It also serves as raw materials for manufacturers of bricks, tiles, shingles, pipes, beams, fibre cement sheet (roofing sheet), railroad ties, and other cement products. The products are prefabricated in factories and supplied ready for installation. Mixtures of soil and Portland Cement are also used as a base for roads.


Elephant Cement

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A 53 year-old formidable brand of impeccable standard and quality; it backs solution provision with power, maturity, resilience, durability and reliability.     

Supaset Cement

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This is a Portland cement specifically formulated as a fast setting solution that meets the requirements of the Block Making and Precast segmen...

Ashaka Cement

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Ashaka Cement is a Nigerian Industry Standard Certified product base on Portland cement specification, and it is widely used in northern Nigeria...

Powermax Cement

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Powermax is a premium technical cement product suitable for large construction projects. It combines excellent strength performance at all ages with versatility and...

Distribution Strategy


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Key Distributorship Scheme: Key Distributorship Scheme focuses on the growth and development of our clients. Lafarge Cement takes delight in growing the businesses of our...

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Industrial ecology

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How to create value from waste

Large amounts of natural resources, particularly minerals and fossil fuels, are used to manufacture cement. For many years the Group has been working to reduce the environmental impact of its activities by finding ways to obtain value from waste products.

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