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Lafarge Readymix Nigeria, a market leader in quality concrete solutions, began operations in September 2011. As a member of the Lafarge Group, we have a unique opportunity to draw on the expertise of our employees worldwide to bring innovative values to our local customers.


Lafarge Readymix Nigeria Limited, a market leader in quality concrete solutions began operations in September 2011.


Leveraging on the Group's experience in the readymix business, Lafarge Africa Plc, through its Readymix operations with 8 batching plants, is producing quality and innovative concrete and aggregates solutions from our various locations in Nigeria. Readymix operations are currently in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt and will spread to other states of Nigeria in the near future.


With an aggregates quarry located in South-West Nigeria, Readymix Nigeria is set to provide the best aggregates-based solutions to meet industry and market needs in Nigeria.


Lafarge Readymix Nigeria has a clear strategy as a project enabler, driving quality and innovation forward and promoting a sustainable environment for generations to come. We will achieve this by working closely with our valued customers and partners. 

FAQ 1 : Uniquely Nigeria

Customized concrete solutions for Nigeria

Recognising the unique characteristics of the Nigerian environment that affect the production and finish of concrete, we are committed to develop a specialised range of Ultra Series concrete solutions that are specifically developed for the local Nigerian market. These innovative concrete solutions are rigorously tested by international quality engineers to the highest standards. Ultra Series products provide customers with the confidence that the concrete solutions they will use be suitable in any project environment and weather condition within Nigeria. Examples of Ultra Series products that can be available for customers include Ultra Series Poly Fibre, High Strength, Watertight, Pump and Mortar.


Unique in the Nigerian market

Lafarge has strong local positions in cement and concrete, coupled with strategic regional partnerships in aggregates and admixtures. Leveraging on this position, Lafarge Readymix Nigeria is able to offer a reliable and high quality supply chain for the production of project readymix concrete needs. This provides customers with the ability to confidently operate in remote project sites without compromising quality or project schedules.

FAQ 2 : National Coverage

A comprehensive Readymix plant network

Lafarge Readymix Nigeria has a comprehensive Readymix plant network in Lagos and spreading across Nigeria including Abuja and Port Hacourt. This network expands across residential, commercial, governmental, infrastructure and civil projects, often requiring highly specified concrete solutions. Within Nigeria, Lafarge aims to expand its network of project and commercial plants to enable the most ambitious of development projects throughout the country. Leveraging on a team of regional experts, the plants can be mobilized and demobilized with short lead times and minimum impact for the customer.



FAQ 3 : Portfolio of Products

Lafarge is one of the few full-service concrete producers capable of manufacturing an extremely wide range of concrete. Our technical expertise, state-of-the-art plants, and commitment to innovation enable us to make a concrete that can assist our customers with all their construction needs. Our portfolio includes products ranging from standard concrete used in everyday driveways and sidewalks to customized mixes used in complex high-rises that must meet strict design specifications to our proprietary technology, Chronolia, which lets users strip a wall from just a few hours after the concrete arrives on the jobsite.

FAQ 4 : Commitment to Quality

We take pride in producing and safely delivering quality concrete that meets the specifications ordered. We employ trained technicians who constantly monitor our production and evaluate our ability to produce quality concrete. Our quality culture encompasses on-site quality control personnel, laboratory technicians who stay behind the scenes testing and improving the performance of our mixes, and trained plant managers and batchers who watch each load to ensure that the right concrete leaves our plant.


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