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Lafarge in Nigeria

Lafarge enjoys doing business in Nigeria and will continually invest in the Nigerian economy whilst building on its values to make the best cement and concrete solutions available in all parts of the country - not just the best cement and concrete solutions, but its building expertise as well.


Nigeria offers great potential for construction, due to a rapid population growth and urbanisation, generating large needs for housing and infrastructure and construction, and financial capacities to fund this growth. Our operations started with Cement in 2001 with the acquisition of Blue Circle. Today, we have 8.5 MMT production capacity in Nigeria, with 4.5 MMT in WAPCO (Ogun State), 1 MMT in Ashaka (Gombe State), 2.5 MMT in Unicem (Cross Rivers State) and 0.5 MMT in Atlas (Rivers State).


Our Concrete operations started in 2011 with Lafarge Readymix Nigeria and the objective was to provide quality concrete solutions designed to meet the specific needs of today's builders. Readymix leverages on the Group's 50 years of experience in innovative concrete solutions. Today, Readymix Nigeria has 4 plants and is growing rapidly.


The vision of Lafarge in Nigeria is to be the most trusted and preferred partner of Nigerian construction professionals and home builders by delivering cement and concrete solutions that are best in quality, environmentally sustainable and nationwide available at affordable cost.


Lafarge Nigeria is growing in a sustainable way and building on strong values. We put these values at the forefront of the way we do business: health and safety, environmental protection, corporate governance (Ethics) and social responsibility (in the areas of infrastructures, education, healthcare facilities, youth empowerment, and agricultural aid). We develop a highly competent workforce to operate our plants and businesses, through intensive training and exchange programmes.


More importantly, we endeavour to create more value for our customers, providing them with the highest quality products and solutions. In Nigeria, our well-known brands, Elephant, Ashaka and Atlas, stand for high quality and resistant cement. Consistent, long term strength is a particular feature of our products all over the country.


In addition to providing products, our strategy is to provide technical assistance to our customers. Lafarge enjoys doing business in Nigeria, and will continually invest in the Nigerian economy whilst building on our values to make the best cement and concrete available in all parts of the country - not just the best solutions, but our building expertise as well. We do all these to achieve our goal of Building Better Cities.





Building solutions

Lafarge works with all actors in the building industry of Nigeria, from do-it-yourself builders to large construction companies, architects and local artisans. Whether supplying high-quality cement to a craftsman or helping leading architects explore and deliver creative possibilities, Lafarge Nigeria is committed to providing solutions that fit the needs of all its clients.


Lafarge Nigeria clients benefit from the technical expertise and product innovation that are the hallmark of Lafarge, an international leader in building materials with a global presence and over 175 years of experience. In Nigeria, Lafarge offers a range of innovative and high-performance products.

Lafarge Locations in Nigeria

Atlas Cement Company Limited

Atlas Cement Company Limited is a cement import-terminal based in Onne, Rivers State. It produced its first bags of cement on 31st October 2000, and thereafter went into full commercial production in February 2001, and since then it has been serving the South-South and South East markets of Nigeria. With a management team led by Mrs. Viola Gramham-Douglas and a production capacity of 0.5MT, Atlas is fully owned by Lafarge.

AshakaCem Plc

Based in Gombe State, Ashaka Cement started operations in September 1979 in compliance with the Federal Government's Second National Development Plan. With a production capacity of 1 MT and a management team led by Mr. Neeraj Aikhoury, Ashaka Cement is a business unit in Nigeria with Lafarge owning the major equity shares of 58.6%.

Lafarge Cement WAPCO Nigeria Plc

Base in the South West of Nigeria, Lafarge WAPCO is a major cement manufacturing company in Nigeria with a 60% equity shares owned by Lafarge. The company has a production capacity of 4.5MT and a management team led by Mr. Joe Hudson.

UNICEM Calabar

UNICEM: Based in Calabar, Cross River State, UNICEM is jointly owned by Lafarge with 36% equity shares and the remaining shares held by Flour Mills and Holecim. UNICEM has a production capacity of 2.5MT and a management team led by Mr. Didier Tresarrieu.

Lafarge ReadyMix Nigeria

Lafarge Readymix a market leader in quality concrete solutions began operations in September 2011. As a member of the Lafarge Group, we have a unique opportunity to draw on the expertise of our employees worldwide to bring innovative values to our local customers.


Lafarge is the world leader in building materials, with top-ranking positions in all of its businesses: No 1 worldwide in Cement, No 2 worldwide in Aggregates & Concrete, and No 3 worldwide in Gypsum.


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Completed projects

Products at the heart of architectural projects

The innovative properties of Lafarge's range of products stimulates architectural creativity. Residential buildings, foot bridges, road bridges, airports, rail stations: discover examples of projects that make use of Lafarge products.

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