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Lafarge in Nigeria


Lafarge Africa Plc is a leading Sub-Saharan Africa building solutions Company and member of the LafargeHolcim group.

At Lafarge Africa Plc, our vision is building a stronger Nigeria safely, ethically and sustainably through innovative construction solutions. For many years, Lafarge Africa Plc has been committed to a deliberate strategy of sustainable development that combines industrial know-how with performance, value creation, respect for employees and local cultures, environmental protection and the conservation of natural resources and energy.


We put certain values at the forefront of the way we do business with focus on Customers, Results, Integrity, Sustainability and People, Openness & Inclusion - (C.R.I.S.P.) These are the values that characterize us as an organization; they are the foundation on which every aspect of Lafarge Africa Plc's operations are built.


The company is committed to progress and attentive to the ever- changing needs of local communities. This is demonstrated by contributing to the improvement of their quality of lives in a sustainable manner through setting up local development programmes in key areas that have direct impacts on socio-economic well-being of the people and their environment.


More importantly, Lafarge Africa Plc endeavors to create more value for our customers, providing them with innovative and high quality products and solutions. Our well-known brands in Nigeria - Ashaka Portland Limestone Cement, Elephant Cement, Powermax Cement, Supaset Cement, UniCem Cement, Readymix Concrete and Aggregates - and in South Africa - Buildcrete, DuraBuild, DuraPozz, FastCast, PozzFill, Powercrete Plus and SuperPozz  - all stand for quality, consistency and long term strength which help deliver solutions that contribute to more housing for people, more compact buildings, better connected communities, more beautiful structures and more durable construction.


For our concrete operations, we leverage on the Group's 50 years of experience in innovative concrete solutions and this puts us in the position to provide quality solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs of today's builders. Today, Lafarge Readymix operations have a production capacity of 0.5 cubic million metric tonnes in Nigeria.

Building solutions

Lafarge works with all actors in the building industry of Nigeria, from do-it-yourself builders to large construction companies, architects and local artisans. Whether supplying high-quality cement to a craftsman or helping leading architects explore and deliver creative possibilities, Lafarge Africa Plc is committed to providing solutions that fit the needs of all its clients.


Lafarge Africa Plc's clients benefit from the technical expertise and product innovation that are the hallmark of LafargeHolcim, an international leader in building materials with a global presence in 90 countries and decades of experience. In Nigeria, LafargeHolcim offers a range of innovative and high-performance products.

Lafarge Africa Plc's Operations in Nigeria

AshakaCem Plc

Based in Gombe State, AshakaCem started operations in 1979 in compliance with the Federal Government's Second National Development Plan. With a production capacity of 1MMT and a management team led by Mr. Leonard Palka, AshakaCem is a business unit in Nigeria and is currently undergoing an expansion project towards doubling its prodcution capacity.

Atlas Cement Company Limited

Atlas Cement Company Limited is a cement import-terminal based in Onne, Rivers State. It produced its first bags of cement in 2000, and thereafter went into full commercial production in February 2001. Since then, it has been serving the South-South and South East markets of Nigeria.

Lafarge ReadyMix Nigeria

Lafarge Readymix and Aggregates is the concrete and aggregates operations arm of Lafarge Africa Plc. A market leader in quality concrete solutions, the company began operations in 2011 and, being a member of the LafargeHolcim group, leverges on the expertise of the Group to bring innovative values to our local customers.

United Cement Company of Nigeria (UNICEM)

Based in Calabar, Cross River State, UniCem is a joint venture between Lafarge Africa Plc and Holcim. The company has a production capacity of 2.5MMT and is one of Nigeria's largest cement manufacturers with strong presence in the South and South-ast regions.

WAPCO Operations

Based in the South West of Nigeria, WAPCO Operations is the operational business of Lafarge Africa Plc and is driving excellence in Nigeria's building industry, placing innovation at the heart of its priorities, working for sustainable construction and architectural creativity. The company has three plants with a total cement production capacity of 4.5MMT.

FAQ 1 : Milestones

Since establishment of its first factory in Ewekoro in 1960, Lafarge WAPCO has achieved the following milestones:

  • 1960-No.1 kiln commissioned with 200,000 tonnes/annum (TPA) capacity.


  • 1964-No.2 Kiln installed - capacity increased to 400,000 TPA.


  • 1972-No. 3 kiln installed - capacity increased to 700,000TPA.


  • 1977-Peak Cement production achieved- 706,500 tonnes.


  • 1978: Commissioned a second factory in Sagamu as a full wet process plant with an installed capacity of 600,000 tonnes cement per annum.


  • 1979: Quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.


  • 1980: Sagamu Capacity upgraded to 850,000 tonnes cement per annum with addition of one Raw Mill and one Roller Crusher for limestone. The plant's current capacity is about 900,000 tonnes


  • 2003 - The Ewekoro plant was replaced by a new and modern, state-of-the-art plant, which was commissioned by His Excellency, Olusegun Obasanjo - former President, Federal Republic of Nigeria. The company has a current combined capacity of 2million tones per annum


  • 2008 - Commencement of our expansion project (Lakatabu), a 2.5mt plant which will double the capacity of the company.  


  • Feb, 2009: Foundation Laying Ceremony of Lakatabu, expected to be completed in 2011.


  • Nov 2010: Launch of New Product, Elephant Supaset Cement


  • June 30, 2011: 90MW Power Plant Commissioned


  • July 22, 2011: kiln lit up


  • July 30, 2011: Ist Clinker Production


  • September 16, 2011:1st Cement Production


  • September 29, 2011: 1st bag of Cement


  • December 20, 2011: Inauguration of Ewekoro II Cement Plant by President Goodluck Ebele Joanthan GCFR.

FAQ 2 : Our Brands

Elephant Cement

A five- decade- old formidable brand of impeccable standard and quality. It backs solution provision with power, maturity, resilience, durability and reliability. Little wonder it has consistently won the NIS Certificate for product quality by the Nigerian Standard Organization for over two decades now. The Elephant brand has helped to build that edifice, brought that monumental project to life, created that serene atmosphere and positively impacted the lives of Nigerians socio-economically. Since its existence in 1960, Elephant Cement has made visible landmark in the areas of developmental projects which include:


  • The National Assembly Complex, Abuja.
  • The Federal Secretariat, Abuja .
  • Shell Trustees Residential Estate in Abuja.
  • The Stallion Estate, Abuja.
  • Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos.
  • Nigeria Police Force Headquarters, Lagos.
  • MKO Abiola Gardens, Lagos.
  • NITEL Building Lagos.
  • Niger House, Lagos
  • Airport Hotel, Lagos
  • Cocoa House,Ibadan
  • Premier Hotel, Ibadan.


Supaset Cement

Elephant Supaset Cement is another Portland cement specifically formulated to meet the requirements of the block making and precast segment of the Construction Industry. Its birth was borne out of profound customer research to satisfy the need for specialized cement for these segments of the industry. Elephant Supaset combines three key value propositions of Early Setting, Early Strength and the unique Latter Strength which is a distinguished quality of our flagship, Elephant Cement, that has been known over the years.


With Elephant Supaset Cement, Lafarge WAPCO remains the only cement company in Nigeria with two unique brands: Elephant Cement, a general purpose cement that has greatly contributed to the economic development of the country for the last 50 years and the new product, Supaset Cement, specifically formulated for Block making and Precast segment.


Powermax Cement

Powermax is a premium technical cement product suitable for large construction projects. It combines excellent strength performance at all ages with versatility and enhanced durability benefits. Powermax is available in both bulk and jumbo bags.

FAQ 3 : The Lafarge Advantage

Since its acquisition by the Lafarge group, Lafarge WAPCO has become a truly multinational company, strategically positioned for greater heights.


Created in 1833, Lafarge is the world leader in building materials, with top-ranking positions in three of its activities: No 1 worldwide in Cement, No 2 worldwide in Aggregates & Concrete, and No 3 worldwide in Gypsum.


Located in 64 countries with 68,000 employees, Lafarge is a world leader in building materials, with top-ranking positions in its Cement, Aggregates & Concrete businesses. In 2011, Lafarge posted sales of 15.3 billion euros.

For the second year in a row, Lafarge ranked amongst the top-10 of 500 companies evaluated by the "Carbon Disclosure Project" in recognition of their strategy and actions against global warming.  With the world's leading building materials research facility, Lafarge places innovation at the heart of its priorities, working for sustainable construction and architectural creativity.  



The core values include health and safety as first priority, commitment to respect, care and excellence as well as commitment to be ranked among the World's most effective industrial groups in terms of environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance


To make advances in building materials, Lafarge places the customer at the heart of its concerns. It offers the construction industry and the general public innovative solutions bringing greater safety, comfort and quality to their everyday surroundings.


Lafarge's long-term presence in the business, its high degree of vertical integration and advance in product research and innovation give the company a competitive advantage in terms of product quality and consistency, product differentiation as well as allowing stronger operational efficiencies.


The business model focuses on achieving excellence in local management while capitalizing on best practices developed throughout the world.

FAQ 4 : Building Competency in the Nigerian Market

Lafarge WAPCO stands to enjoy high value creation from Lafarge as the Group introduces a turning point to display customer orientation, technical excellence and innovation from its branding platform. A benefit of being part of Lafarge is that our Shareholders expect good return on investments from a better-managed organisation and feel proud to be part of a global market leader. Customers are equally proud to be associated with an international brand and expect high quality products, resulting from modern equipment and international standards and enhanced customer relations. Employees look forward to development and technical trainings, wider access to knowledge through the Group's intranet and internationalisation. Our communities benefit from best practices on environment, community relations and social responsibility.

FAQ 5 : List of Awards

Some of our recent awards include:

  • Stockbroking Houses of Nigeria - Capital Market Institution of the Year (2013)
  • Lafarge Group Annual Global Cement Awards - Best Risk Management Business Unit (2012)
  • Nigeria Consultative Employers Association - NSITF-NECA Workplace Safety Award (2012)
  • Annual Pearl Awards - Highest Dividend Growth Stock for the Year (2012)
  • Nigeria Society of Engineers - Presidential MERIT Award of High Level of Corporate Social Responsibility (2012)
  • Nigerian Institution of Structural Engineers - Award of Excellence (2012)
  • Sagamu Development Association - Sagamu Distinguished Corporate Business Award (2012)
  • Nigeria Union of Journalists - Best Media Supporting Corporate Organisation (2012)
  • Commere and Industry Correspondents Association of Nigeria - Best Cement Company of the Year (2012)
  • Federal Ministry of Trade / UNESCO - Recognition Award for Industrial Development in Nigeria (2012)
  • SERA 2013 Best Company Design for Sustainability Award

  • SERA 2013 Best Company in Community Involvement Award

  • SERA 2013 Most Socially Responsible Company in Nigeria Award

Lafarge Africa Plc Investor Relations

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