Frequently Asked Questions


  • Retailers:

  1. How long is the promotion for?
    1. The is for 2 weeks  but  promo products are available while  stock lasts
  2. What is the minimum I can buy to participate in the promotion?
    1. A truck load of either 30 tons which = 600 bags or 40 tons which equals 800 bags
  3. Where can I buy the promo bags?
    1. Order can be placed through a Lafarge sales rep or directly from a Lafarge depot or through the promo brand ambassadors.  Only orders that are paid for can be delivered.
  4. After placing an order, what is the time frame for delivery?
    1. Within 24 hours
  5. Can I buy on credit?
    1. No you can’t as it is a promo that will run for a specific time frame
  6. Can I pay in installment?

          a) No

  1. Can I combine with other retailers to buy a truck?
    1. Yes you can
  2. Are there any other incentives apart from the free bags of Cement?
    1. Yes there are additional incentives for the end users inside the bag
  3. Is there any promotion on Supaset too?
    1. The promo is only for the Elephant brand
  4. As a distributor, can I participate in the promo?
    1. A distributor is also qualified to participate in the promo
  5. If I order before the promotion ends, can I still benefit from it?

          a) Yes but offer last once stock last. T & C apply

  1. Is there a limit to the number of trucks I can order during the promo?Yes but offer last once stock last. T & C apply

          a) Max is 1 promo truck per day per retailer. But T & C apply

  • End Users:

  1. How do I identify the promo bags?
    1. Each promo bag will have a special red stamp that says everyone is a winner promo stamp on it. See visual reference below  
  1. Where can I get the promo bags of cement?
    1. Neigbourhood retailers and distributors with the promo products
  2. What is the denomination of the recharge cards?
    1. N100 (Hundred Naira)
  3. What are the available mobile networks on the recharge cards?
    1. The 4 major networks: MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat
  4. What is the current price of Lafarge Classic bag
    1. This is market specific depending on the area
  • IHBs:

  1. What type of technical support am I getting from the promo?
    1. Standard and Customized Drawings, Estimated Project Costing, Site Visits,
  2. What is the duration of the technical support I get?
    1. Up to five working days
  3. Who do I talk to?
    1. Dedicated contact centre number 01-2713990 or via email
  4. Are the products available now in the market?
    1. Yes the products are available while promo stock lasts or for the 2-week duration of the promotion – whichever comes first
  5. Can I order from the plant directly?
    1. Orders can be placed directly through the sales reps and the dedicated contact centre number or email address.