Truck Drivers and Motor Boys Back to School 4


This doesn’t mean that repairs are done promptly after motor boys find faults in the vehicle. It only means the motor boy adds to his list, another thing to improvise for. He knows how to stop the truck when the brakes have failed, he is the fuel gauge for the vehicle, he has a patch for every broken part of the vehicle, he is the heart of the truck and the truck’s next driver. 

There are two lead trainers, one Australian consultant on HGV Driver Training, four SMITH/HGV accredited driver Instructors, a truck mechanical expert/trainer and one Occupational Health expert. After graduation, the school organises a “meet and pairing” session where transporters looking to hire new drivers meet all the certified trainees. This way, the trained drivers are eased into the industry filling the skill gap that has been created by several years of motor-boy-turned-driver cycle.