Lafarge in Nigeria
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Atlas Cement


Atlas Cement Company Limited was incorporated in 1999 and is a 100% owned subsidiary of Lafarge Africa Plc. The company's terminal was commissioned for operation in 2001 in Rivers State within the Federal Ocean Terminal, Onne and the plant was operated on a floating vessel which had a nominal capacity to produce 500,000 metric tons of cement per annum.


In line with Government policy of backward integration, the company is gradually changing her business concept, moving away from being a conventional supplier of Ordinary Portland Cement to include championing of cementitious strategy,, distribution of Lafarge products as well as being a hub for the Ready Mix Concrete operations in the South-South and South-East markets. 

FAQ 1 : Our Brands

Atlas Cement

Atlas Cement (Cem 1, 42.5) was the foremost brand of Atlas Cement Company Limited. The brand is of the highest quality possessing a premium early strength and perceived to offer leverage to users with emphasis on environmental protection. However this product is no longer sustainable in line with the Federal government policy on backward integration.


Oil Well Cement

The Federal Government of Nigeria in her effort to encourage cement manufacturers to fast track the backward integration approved the importation of oil well cement to service the oil and gas sector. Atlas cement currently gets its supply of oil well cement from the Lafarge Sagunto plant in Spain. Its classification and standard is API well cement class G (HSR)


Special Products

Following the changes in our business environment relative to Government policy on backward integration, Atlas Cement is gradually moving away from being a conventional cement supplier to offering cement solutions to the Oil and Gas sector of our economy. Atlas is partnering with Lafarge Nigeria, Lafarge Spain and Lafarge U.S. to ensure that this concept delivers sustainable growth. This will result in new and innovative products as well as cementitious materials being introduced to the Nigerian market.


Atlas Classic Cement

Atlas Classic is a signature brand of a sister company Lafarge WAPCO. The brand conforms in to NIS and BS/12/1991 standards. The quality is very high providing solutions with power, maturity, resilience, durability and reliability. With quality assured production and materials handling processes in place, the Atlas Cement Brand has consistently delivered on its value proposition since its emergence in the Nigerian market in 2001.

FAQ 2 : Health and Safety

Atlas is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for its stakeholders and to conducting its various businesses in a safe manner. Health and Safety is our core value that is incorporated into all aspects of our business. We integrate health and safety objectives into our management systems at all levels of the company.


Management and staff are responsible for the prevention of injuries and occupational illness. Due to good safety practice and by auditing our safety performance via our daily tool box meetings and Unsafe Acts/ Unsafe Conditions reporting, Atlas as at July, 2013 has achieved 3,104,790 man hours without lost time injury (LTI).

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